October 19, 2015

posted Oct 16, 2015, 4:16 PM by Laurie Grinton   [ updated Oct 16, 2015, 4:16 PM ]
Bateman Athletic Council is pleased to bring back to you your athletes of the week.  Each week, we will highlight a male and female athlete who are being recognized by their coaches and all of us for their excellence in sport.

This week we are recognizing Nura Khattab and Calum Armstrong

Throughout the jr girls basketball season, Nura has demonstrated excellent leadership skills.  On the court she someone who makes others around her better.  As the high scorer on the team, she not only is ferocious on offence but tenacious on defence.  She continually wants to learn and is focused on making her team better each and every play.  We are very proud of her accomplishments this season, and look forward to the remaining part of the season.

Calum Armstrong has worked very hard over the past 3 years to develop his skills in volleyball.  His passion for volleyball and his commitment to the team are evident in practices and games.  In practices, he is the first person in the gym and the last person to leave, helping with set-up and take down of equipment; however, what makes him a special player is his athleticism and unselfishness.  His strategic serves, his superb passing and his dynamic hits make him a powerful option that teams dream to have.  On top of all this, when Calum is asked what position he would like to play, his response is: "I will play in any position you want me to play coach.".  Only 5 games into the season he has played all positions (power, right-side, middle and libero; he was even our setter for one set).  Calum, along with his teammates, have already brought great success as the RBHS senior boys volleyball team sits first in our league.  Come out and support your volleyball teams.  You will not be disappointed!