School History

From Two Amazing Schools 

In 2004, Lord Elgin High School and General Brock High School merged and moved to the Lord Elgin High School building.  
Lord Elgin High School was renamed Robert Bateman High School in honour of the artist, Robert Bateman.  Bateman lived
in Burlington and taught at Lord Elgin High School when it was opened in 1970 until 1976 when he retired from teaching 
to paint full time.  In 2012, Robert Bateman visited the school and spent the day with our students.

In 1968, the Burlington Board of Education opened Halton Region's first vocational high school, General Brock.  An
experiment in co-operative education in 1970 led to a Ministry study and the subsequent development of a co-op 
program for all Ontario schools.  The school was a leader in Special Education, ESL and Vocational Rehabilitation programs. 

The two schools were named for important historic Canadian figures.

Lord Elgin High School was named for James Bruce,             General Brock High School was named for Major-General Sir
8th Earl of Elgin, Former Governor General of the                 Isaac Brock who was a British Army officer and administrator
Province of Canada                                                            from Guernsey.  Brock was assigned to Lower Canada in 1802

 Coat of Arms and Motto

The coat of arms contains elements from each of the former school's histories, with the knight symbolizing Lord Elgin and the bear symbolizing General Brock.  The school colours of purple, gold, black and white are also from the two former schools.

The Latin motto in the coat of arms - "singularis augmen et virtus" translates as "individual growth and strength".


 Team Logo and Mascot

 Our teams are known as the WILD and our mascot is Grapes of the WILD.