Beyond Bateman

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Brock grad student a finalist in national storytelling competition

Here's a link to an article about her accomplishments:  The Brock News

Name:  Steph Beni


Name:  Arlene Campbell 
Year graduated:  2014 

My name is Arlene and I graduated from Robert Bateman in 2014.  After graduation I went to the University of Guelph and am currently in my third year of my undergraduate degree doing a double major in Political Science and Criminal Justice and Public Policy.  On campus I am currently the President of the Political Science Society for our university, a Political Science Peer, helped develop the Political Science Peer Mentorship Program, and am a member of the Pre-Law Society and compete with them at mooting competitions.  I currently work as a Lifeguard/Swim Instructor/First Aid Instructor at the university, and next year I will be the Human Rights and Advocacy Coordinator for the Student Help and Advocacy Centre.  After my undergraduate degree I plan to pursue a career in law as a crown attorney.  My time at Robert Bateman was four of the best years of my life.  Taking Grade 12 Law with Mrs. Major helped me decide that law was what I wanted to pursue, and that has held true for the past three years now.  My classes during my grade 12 year helped prepare me for university, and I am not exaggerating when I say that I looked back on them, at least what I had typed, when studying for some midterms in my first year as the material had a lot of crossover.  By going to such a diverse school, Bateman prepared me to enter post-secondary education in ways I could not have imagined and gave me the tools to succeed.

Name:  Tyler Sullivan & Ryan Sullivan
Years graduated:  2010 & 2014

Tyler Sullivan (left) is the owner and operator of "T & R Renovations".  This is a busy Construction business located in Burlington doing renovations, additions and remodels. His Brother on the right, Ryan Sullivan, is an employee at T & R Renovations. 
They took many "tech classes" so that they could learn new things in courses such as automotive, manufacturing and woodworking.  They felt lucky to have the opportunity to take these classes as they are not offered at all schools in Burlington.  In their words, "The Technology teachers provided real life experience in the classroom while teaching their respective courses, sharing their knowledge and skills in their area of expertise".  Phys Ed and sports teams at RBHS helped students to be part of a team and a part of the school! 
T & R Renovations is a proud supporter of RBHS co-op program, providing real life opportunities for our co-op students in the construction field.  They presently have a co-op student working at the business.


Name:  Curtis Kelly
Year graduated:  2014

High school is a long 4 years.  Lots of ups and downs, highs and lows, successes and failures… but looking back on my experience I can only smile.  I’m entering medical school in Toronto after 3 years at the University of Guelph, and can say my development at Bateman was essential to prepare me for these endeavours.  The rigorous IB curriculum gave me key insights into the academic abilities required to succeed at the post-secondary level, but learning the IB mindset was also critical.  Not only did it steel my resolve to always maintain a balanced lifestyle, but also encouraged me to reflect on all my experiences so I can better myself as a person.  The myriad of extracurriculars available always made it easier to bring my life to an equilibrium, whether it be sports, clubs or volunteering.  However, what makes Bateman most unique is the truly supportive cast of teachers it boasts.  Each one becomes personally invested in their student’s success, and that belief helped push me through those high school years into the adventures beyond.  Robert Bateman was an important first act in my life, and as I carry on I’m happy to say each experience there has helped shape who I am, and who I will become.

Name:  Stacy Grimshire
Year graduated:  2014 

I’m Stacy Grimshire, and I graduated from Robert Bateman High School in 2014.  Currently I attend the University of Ottawa for accounting, and am working at my dream accounting firm, Welch LLP, as a co-op staff accountant.  In the future I intend on becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant, and working my way up to being a manager, hopefully at Welch.  I don’t think I would be where I am today, if not for the high school I went to!  When I reluctantly took my first accounting class in high school, I had no idea I would end up loving it as much as I did.  Thanks to Mrs. Thomson’s enthusiasm for the subject, and Robert Bateman offering two years of the class, I ended up in the accounting field, and can’t imagine a job I would rather have.  Another major part of my life, running, is thanks to Bateman as well.  This spring I’ll be running my 3rd marathon, and will always remember how much of a struggle it was to train for my very first five kilometre run with my high school running team.  All in all, Robert Bateman is part of my roots, and I wouldn’t have ended up where I am today without the people I met there, and the opportunities my high school gave me. 

Name:  Winona Kelly 
Year graduated:  2016 

"RBHS's technical courses, specifically manufacturing and welding, helped me to develop a technical skill set that has allowed me to achieve my career goals".

Winona completed in the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) in Manufacturing- Welding and participated in the co-op program at RBHS.  Winona is presently in the first year of her "Welder Fitter Apprenticeship" at Mac's Metal Works.

Pictured: Winona Kelly (on the left), standing beside John McDonnell, owner of Mac's Metal Works

 Name:  Laura Clayton
Year Graduated:  2015

Laura graduated from Robert Bateman High School’s Community Pathway Program in June 2015.  Laura had cooperative education experience at 'That Pie Place' in Oakville during her school years and continues to be a paid employee working part time on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Laura likes socializing with her new friends and preparing the vegetables for the pies.

When Laura is not working she enjoys listening to music and making homemade cards to sell with proceeds supporting Special Olympics.  Laura also enjoys attending her church, visiting with family and friends.  Laura is active in her community by participating swimming and gymnastics.  Laura enjoys visiting friends and teachers back at Bateman to support our Best Buddies Program.


Name:  Jeffrey Guy
Year Graduated:  2016 

"RBHS has so many great technological classes that it allowed me to learn new skills that are transferable to the working world." 

Jeff completed the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) in Manufacturing, specifically welding.  Manufacturing has always been an interest of Jeff's.  Jeff also completed his co-op at 'Mac's Metal Works' which provided him with real life experience and developed into an Apprenticeship.  Presently, Jeff is in the first year of his Welder Fitter Apprenticeship, also with Mac's Metal Works. 

Mac's Metal Works designs and builds custom metal fireplaces for various customers around the world.  Through the courses that Jeff took at RBHS, he has also developed his entrepreneurial skills and has started his own custom furniture business.

Pictured: Jeffrey Guy (on the right), standing beside John McDonnell, owner of Mac's Metal Works  

  Name:  Daniel Varey 
Year graduated:  2010 

Daniel Varey is on the right in the picture, his brother Ian is on the left, Daniel is a "Project Leader" for one of two crews for his family construction business "Hawkeye's Renovations".  They specialize in Bathroom and Kitchen renovations. 
Daniel graduated from RBHS in 2010, and was in the Essential Program.  His favourite teacher and course was Mr. Drobnich and the manufacturing class. When asked why, he explained that "he learned how to design, build, and troubleshoot various projects like flashlights, whistles, and ornamental welding projects".  "These projects allowed him to learn proper use of equipment while learning math and measurement that he still uses in the workforce".  Hawkeye's Renovations is a supporter of RBHS co-op program and presently have a co-op student working with them.

Name:  Billy Day
Year Graduated:  2016

Billy is in the first year of his Auto body and Collision Damage Repairer Apprenticeship.

His favourite class was the Autobody Class because of the knowledge he was able to acquire at school and apply it at his co-op placement which turned into a job/apprenticeship. His Favourite teacher, of course was Mr. D'Agostino. In his graduating year, Billy won gold at Halton Skills and silver at Ontario Skills for Auto Painting!

 Name:  Brendan Mommersteeg
Year Graduated:  2016

Brendan graduated in June 2016 with his Employability Skills Certificate in Landscaping. His co-op experience working with the City of Burlington’s Community Garden during Community Pathways Programs has allowed him to continue after graduation. Brendan also has gained part time employment Auto Spa on Appleby Line.

Brendan enjoys spending time with his family up north at the cottage and playing Special Olympics basketball.  Brendan is saving up his money to buy his own Jet-ski, so he can use it at the cottage.  Brendan loves the opportunity to come back and visit his friends and help support events at Bateman, especially our annual Hooping It Up!