Community Pathways



An online presence that Inspires people to connect and create opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.

The Community Pathways Program combines personal care, physiotherapy, a full rotary program and many educational and social opportunities for our Special Needs population here at Bateman. Students enjoy a variety of subject areas including Language arts, Numeracy, Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, Yoga, Woodworking, Green Industries, Personal Life Skills, Social Skills Development and Co-op opportunities both in and out of the school. Some of our students are able to access credit bearing courses part-time in order to facilitate both their interests and abilities. 

A variety of pathways are available for students with different learning styles and abilities. The goal is to match students with the appropriate pathway to ensure the greatest opportunity for growth and success both in school and post graduation.

There has been a new Board initiative being put in place. These two programs stress co-operative work  and community volunteer skills. Eligible students are being  placed into  the Employability Skills program (ESC) OR The Community Skills program (CSC) to build their personal life and work skills for post secondary transition.