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"In order to understand the universe you must know the language in which it is written and that language is Mathematics"  Galileo

Congratulations to our very own 2017 Halton Math Contest Junior Champions, Abdullah Hadi, Brandon Park, and Elijah Lopez.  
A fantastic way to cap off the year!

Welcome to the Math Department!  Here you can find links to various math and science competitions.

The mathematics program at Robert Bateman High School provides a solid foundation for the study of mathematics for an apprentice program, college or university programs. The department strives to develop fundamental skills and understanding of mathematical concepts utilizing a variety of technology based learning, such as Smart Boards, graphing calculators and computer based software applications that enable students to better explore and visualize mathematical relationships.

Our goal is to provide a curriculum that challenges students. Topics, activities and instruction are differentiated to meet the needs of individual students.

Our experienced and dedicated teachers encourage students not only to acquire subject-specific knowledge and skills, but also to develop the creative and critical thinking skills and self-confidence that will prepare them to embark on lifelong learning.

Department Members

Shannon Bowden - Department Head
Vicki Ayuen
Laura Fraser
Laurie Grinton 
Renata Hannaford
Ewan McGugan
Paige Murphy

Caregivers and students are welcome to contact teacher directly via e-mail, at any time, with any questions or concerns. Contact information can be found here.

Support for Students

Homework Help Program:
All Grade Nine and Ten math students have access to Homework Help Program. This free on-line site focuses on confidential one-on-one help in mathematics for students. 
Math Homework Help is available Sunday – Thursday from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
This site can be accessed at:
All Grade Nine and Ten students have been given a log in and password.

Math Clinic
One of the members of the Math Department is available for extra help Tuesday and Thursday in room 256 during Period 3

Math Anxiety?
Visit this link for an interesting talk on Math Anxiety and how to work through it.