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Welcome to Robert Bateman High School!  We are proud to serve students in every pathway as they prepare for life beyond high school.  We work hard every day to help our students develop into good citizens with strong interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.  We also strive to foster a strong sense of independence and resiliency in our students so that they are prepared to respond effectively to the challenges and changes that they will encounter throughout life.

Students - your high school experience will be what you make of it.  Work hard in your courses to develop the skills you will need to be successful wherever life's journey takes you.  If you need help, ask for it!  You will find the staff here eager to assist you.  Participate in as many new experiences as possible.  Join a team, a club, or group.  Make friends with people with a variety of interests and passions.  The memories of these experiences will last well beyond your time at Robert Bateman HS.

Mark Duley, Principal

Principal - Mark Duley

Extension 222

Vice Principal - Stephen Sampson

Extension 225

Vice Principal - Nancy Annibale

Extension 292


Superintendent - Rob Eatough

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NameDepartmentEmailExtensionWebsite/Online ResourceWebsite/Online ResourceWebsite/Online ResourceWebsite/Online Resource
NameDepartmentEmailExtensionWebsite/Online ResourceWebsite/Online ResourceWebsite/Online ResourceWebsite/Online Resource
BALL, Andrew Dept. Head - Guidance 227 Guidance website    
BALL, Barbara Dept. Head - Special Education 297     
BARR, Doug Technology 236     
BOWDEN, Shannon Dept. Head - Math/Science 250 Google Drive - contact teacher for access    
BRIGHT, Jennifer IB Coordinator, Languages 232 Mrs. Bright's website    
BRIGHT, Tony Languages 243 Mr. Bright's website    
BROE, Lisa Languages 243 ENG4U classroom ENG1DB classroom ENG2P classroom  
BRUSH-JACKLIN, Michelle Technology 291     
BUYERS, Marnie Social Sciences 246 Ms. Buyers website    
CARKNER, Rhonda Main Office - Secretary 296     
CHUNG, Philip Science & SPL 250     
COTTINGHAM, Pam Manager, School Administrative Operations 226     
D'AGOSTINO, Mike Technology 295 Mr. D'Agostino's website    
DALY, Ruth Economics 250     
DE JAGER, Jennifer Health SHSM 236 Mrs. de Jager's website Instagram Twitter  
DINSMORE, Glenn CPP 237     
DINZEY, Neil Technology 298 Mr. Dinzey's website    
DOUGLAS, Kathy CPP 237     
DUTCHAK, Danielle Student Success 233     
GREENWOOD, Kim Social Sciences 246     
GRINTON, Laurie Math, Guidance 231 E-learning portal    
HANNAFORD, Renata Math 250     
HRYSKO, Sharon Social Sciences, ESL 246 Mrs. Hrysko's website    
JOHNS, Jaime Science 250     
JOHNSTON, Lisa Dept. Head - Phys Ed & Arts 247 PPL1OF classroom PPL3O classroom PPL4O classroom  
KILLINS, Sherisa Library 234 Library website Twitter   
KINGERSKI, Stephen Science 250 IB Physics classroom Grade 11U Physics classroom Twitter  
KING, Robin SPL      
LACHANCE, Kingsley Head Caretaker 228     
LITTLE PLANTE, Sandra Special Education & SPL 297     
MACMILLAN, Erin Drama 247     
MASTRANGELI, Kristen  Science, Special Education  297     
MCALEER, Shannon English 243     
MCDONALD, Jeff Math 250     
MERWART, Megan SERT  Ms. Merwart's website Twitter LEAP Literacy classroom  
PAPADOPOULOS, Demitrios Social Sciences 246 Classroom    
PAPADOPOULOS, Maggie CPP 237     
PARK, Graham English 243 Google Drive - contact teacher for access    
PARROTT, Taylor Math 250     
POST, Colin Technology 236     
PROSDOCIMI, Paul Technology 236     
ROBERTO, Chantal Dept. Head - Languages 243     
ROEDING, Petra Main Office - Secretary to the Principal 223     
RRANZA, Ilir Math  Mr. Rranza's website    
SARATSIOTIS, Dimitrios Physical Education 247 Classroom    
SNELLING, Claire Science 250     
STAJDUHAR, Matt Technology 298     
TANNER, Colleen Library Tech 234     
TEMPLETON, James Dept. Head, Technology & Co-op 236 Co-op website Tech   
THOMBLISON, Amy Guidance Secretary 290     
THOMSON, Andrea Co-op 235 Co-op classroom Grade 11 Accounting classroom Grade 12 Accounting classroom  
TRIMBLE, Debbie CPP 237     
TROTTER, Stephanie Library 234     
VIEIRA, Lidia Technology 236 Twitter CPP Computers - Semester 2, classroom CPP Healthy Living - Semester 2, classroom CPP Visual Arts - Semester 2, classroom 
VISCONTI, Vicki Arts 236     
WHITE, Jenny Social Worker 285     
ZAWADA, Chantal Dept. Head - CPP 297     
Showing 57 items