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General Information


Lockers are the property of the school and on loan for student use.  Student's are permitted to select a locker, which is expected to be kept in good condition.  Students are to provide their own combination locks - key locks are not permittedLockers are accessible by the school administration at any time.  Locker clean-outs and the verification of ownership will take place from time to time.  Students are cautioned not to share their combinations with others.  Any problems with lockers should be reported to the main office.

Help us Reduce Thefts

Unfortunately, in any location where there are concentrations of human beings, thefts occur.  In order to reduce the chance of possessions being stolen at school, students should consider the following suggestions:

1.  Reduce the number of valuables you bring to school.
2.  If you insist upon bringing items such as cell phones and iPods to school, do not leave them unattended.
3.  Do not bring large amounts of cash to school.
4.  Keep your locker secure by not giving out your combination.
5.  If you are using the Phys. Ed. change room, leave your valuables in your locker.

Neither Robert Bateman High School nor the Halton District School Board can be held responsible for personal items that go missing or that are damaged at school.