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PAR Information

On October 19, 2016, the Board of Trustees voted to initiate a Program and Accommodation Review (PAR) for all Burlington secondary schools.
A Program and Accommodation Review is a process that the Board follows to find solutions to accommodation, programming and/or facility condition challenges faced in a school or a group of schools. Throughout the process, the Board will reach out to parents/guardians and the community to get input through a variety of methods.

Seven schools are involved in this review:

Aldershot HS (Gr. 9-12)

Burlington Central HS (Gr. 9-12)

Dr. Frank J. Hayden SS

Lester B. Pearson HS

M.M. Robinson HS

Nelson HS

Robert Bateman HS

For the most current information regarding the Burlington Secondary School Program Accommodation Review, click here.

Program and Accommodation Review Committee (PARC):

A Program and Accommodation Review Committee (PARC) acts as the official conduit of information between the Board and school communities. The Program and Accommodation Review Committee’s role is to review and provide feedback on the Director’s Preliminary Report. The Committee may provide other accommodation options for the challenges indicated in the Preliminary Report.

If you are not a member of the PARC, input can be shared directly with your local school's parent/guardian representatives via email. The PARC Representatives for Robert Bateman High School are Lisa Bull and Sharon Picken - they can be contacted at


Please visit the Process Timelines link for a list of all dates, and Public Meetings for more information regarding the public meeting dates.

*Note that some dates are tentative and will be updated once confirmed.


An open letter to all Burlington High School students regarding the PAR process:

Program Accommodation Review Letter to Students


If you would like more information regarding the HDSB Program and Accommodation Review Policy, click here.