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Student Health & Safety

Code of Conduct
The RBHS Code of Conduct is founded on the principles of self and mutual respect, cooperation and the development of a safe and appropriate learning environment.  Students at RBHS should be aware of the Halton District School Board (HDSB) Student Code of Conduct and their obligations within the Education Act.  To access the Code of Conduct, click here:  Code of Conduct

Students are expected to be diligent in achieving success in their studies, to be courteous and cooperative in their interactions with their teachers and their peers, to show respect for school property and the property of our neighbours and to attend classes regularly and punctually.  Failure to abide by these expectations will result in a range of consequences.

School Health Protocols
​To help schools and parents manage student health issues and concerns, follow this link to the HDSB School Health page which provides information for several health issues, including:  anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes and epilepsy and seizure disorder.

Communication of Student Health Issues
If your child has any health condition that requires an EpiPen, insulin or other self-medicated prescription, it is vital that you complete the necessary medical information forms and submit them to the main office prior to the start of classes in September.
If your child attended RBHS last year and our records indicated a health condition of this type, please contact the main office if there have been any changes to the information we have on file.  
If your child has recently developed a health condition, please pick up the necessary medical forms in the main office to complete.  
In addition, appropriate medication (ie. EpiPen) needs to be provided for storage in the main office.  Please note that only up-to-date, doctor prescribed medication with a pharmacy label may be stored.